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What Faded Works is, is not exactly a hard question. It is a tagging I place on anything authentic that I create. My name is William Long, and I am a Graphics Designer, Author and well, I just have my hand in many different projects. This page will produce many writings that I will be creating and displaying for you the viewers. The first story you will witness here is "As They Walk Among Us".

This story is based on a ruined world that is polluted by demons with many saviors on the cusp of insanity. It's a pretty graphic story and not for all eyes.

The second story, that you will see in maybe a month is "Digital Data Dreams". This Cyber Punk story takes place on a distant world, with futuristic type technology. Im not gonna give in to much of the story just yet but I assure you it will be good.

For now, I wish you all to enjoy "As They Walk Among Us". I can only promise that as the story progresses, it will get longer chapters, better writing and intense storyline that will hold some very involving aspects, and in depth character developments.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As They Walk Among Us - Chapter 1 - Lilith

Chapter One - Lilith

The darkness was suffocating. She knew that if she tried to light a torch, it would only become sucked into the darkness and snuffed out. Within the darkness, the cold air slipped upon her warm body, causing beads of sweat and water to form on her flesh. Her breathing was exasperated and her muscles were tense. The anticipation was almost devastating on her own mind. Her heart felt as though it wanted to jump out of her chest, but she had to remember to keep her head on straight in such dangerous situations.

If it wasn’t for what she knew was in here, she would of thought she was alone. The sounds of water drops hitting the rocky floor echoed about the cave. Standing there in the dark nothingness that enveloped her, all of her other senses were magnified in regard to losing her sight in the bowels of the cavern. The sound of steady air being sucked in and released caressed the walls, blowing around the over hanging and growing of rocks that laid all over the earthy grave. That moving air was breathing.

Something cold and wet brushed against her bare arm, startling her. It was almost instinct, her right hand slipping to the hilt of her gun, drawing it and firing as quick as a heartbeat. The bullet hit nothing but rock, ricocheting into the darkness. She knew better to jump conclusions. Fear was one of the main reasons why many people died. She kept trying to keep her mind set at the task at hand, but the darkness, and the unknown within the darkness was ever so comfortable for fear. She learned from when she was younger the effects of what fear can do to a person. She vowed to never hesitate in such a fashion ever again in her life, but she just couldn’t help it. Even one as strong willed and disciplined was capable of succumbing to what was natural. The woman almost laughed to herself. The thought of something “natural” from one of her kind would almost be comical if she wasn’t so close to being paralyzed by fear.

“So, it seems the pretty little lamb has found herself within the wolves den.” The voice came from everywhere. The cavern was perfect in it’s construction, and thus she knew it wasn’t natural. The way the sounds bounced off the walls, it gave the echo a trap that it couldn’t escape. It gave the ever mystery of the circumstances and developed even more dread upon those foolish to find themselves within it’s cradle. She was one of the foolish. “What brings this lovely little lamb into my den I wonder?” The feminine voice held a sort of venom and alarm within its desired meaning. It was made her skin crawl, but she knew better than to show fear to those that thirsted for it. Instead she holstered her pistol and slowly closed her jacket, dropping her hand upon her waist.

“I am looking for Lucifer,” she called out. It was almost instantaneous that she felt that same slithery feeling touching her flesh, this time on the side of her neck and with dangerous implications. A sharp jagged nail of sorts lightly cut her. Wincing she stepped forward out of reach. She could feel the thin smooth line on her neck dampen with blood and slowly drop down to her collarbone and down under her shirt. She didn’t want to panic but she knew that in many situations like this, the smell of blood could drive one like this into a frenzy. She wasn’t sure if she would be killed here and now, but she hoped as much. She only prayed that the demeanor and stories of this creature were true and that instead of outright killing its prey, it would first want to chat and toy with it.

A coy laughter came from all directions. It was the most royal and feminine laugh one could ever hear. It was a laugh that you would hear from a queen that has heard a dainty joke from one of her closes friends. It was a laugh that showed that it was clearly in power. “Oh, haven’t you heard legends my little lamb? Lucifer has been long dead for over two hundred years.” It was a clear and present show of authority. “Is that the only reason why you have come into my domain ‘hate-child’, or is there any more foolish rumors that you wish talk about before I pick my teeth with your bones,” she hissed. Another claw scratched the other side of her neck and again drawing blood. This time she did not move or jump. Her resolve was more settled.

“Do not play with me Lilith. I come not here for your games nor as your snack. I only come here to find Lucifer. You will tell me…”

“Or else what ‘hate-child’? Hmm?” Lilith cut her off with a clear distinction of warning. The warning was as clear as day. “You’re going to shoot me with your little rock salt shells in that shotgun of yours? Maybe use one of those pistols on your hips with the blessed bullets and fire them into my deep black heart?” Her words came out in such a laughter that the entire cavern shook from the force. If she could see, she could only imagine Lilith with her haughty and abusive personality just glaring down on her on some throne. “Do not think me a fool or some lower wheel of what you’re use to ‘hate-child’. I am one of the Demon Princes. I am much more than a Demon Prince.”

A small light in the back of the cavern ignited. The orange glow was a welcoming sight on her eyes. Another light lit up next to it and then another one followed. All around the cave torches were bursting into flames, illuminating the darkness. “Take witness, ‘hate-child’, to your superiority within the hierarchy of the food chain.”

There she laid upon the enlarged throne, stretched out on the white marble with her naked flesh. She looked as human as anyone could expect. Her hair was the color of fire and her flesh was perfection. Not a blemish or a scar upon it. There wasn’t the slightest imperfection on her. Her breasts were round and perky and matched the curved body that they were set upon. What was the most distinguishing feature though, were her eyes. They were the shape of almonds and the pupil were reptilian. Golden slips that had an enticing seduction placed upon them. Lilith would have been the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, if she didn’t know who she really was.

“I know who you are Lilith…”

“No, I don’t think you do know who I am yet ‘hate-child’.” Her body leaning up on the throne, her legs, perfectly toned, much like the rest of her body, falling to the stone ground. As she stood, her red hair dropped down to the floor in flowing lust. Her eyes were intimidating. She longed for the darkness to come back more than she wished it away. If she would have known the intense nature of those eyes, she would never have wished the darkness to escape.

“Created by God himself, I was one of the first to enter the Garden of Eden with Adam. I was the first whore of Lucifer and I am the birth mother of every single creature that stalks the humans and you ‘hate-children’ in the night. I am the cause of every nightmare that children have before they slept.” Each stride she took, walking down the stairs was as silken as her voice. She was seductive by nature if not by right. The ground under her feet turned into grass, flowers blooming on each step of her soft feet. It was almost blasphemy for such a creature to produce such beauty. She slowly walked closer to her. The light from the torches cast shadows on the walls of the cavern. Shadows that did not match her current form.

“To call me a Demon Prince would actually be laughable on contrary and actually not true. I am the only seat that was above the princes. I only answered to Lucifer himself. I am perfection amongst chaos. I am the Demon Mother. I am the sole reason why you stand before me. I am not some lower wheel ‘hate-child’. I am your mother. In your blood runs my blood, no matter how diluted down the lineage it has gone. I have no idea which one of my spawn decided to rape your whore of a mother and spawn you and nor do I care.” The intensity in her voice grew as she gained closer steps to her form. She though believed that the darkness was fear. She thought the unknowing was fear and that such fear was greatly warranted. She knew now that there was more fear in the knowing. She wished she didn’t know. As Lilith stood in front of her, her left hand touching under her chin with just the first finger, she thought she would be struck dead on the spot. It was the most gentle and warm touch she could have felt, but so was a bear before it gnawed off your head.

“You come into my domain and you do not announce your name. You only come asking questions of me, demanding answers as if I’m a lower wheel. You intrude into my den and you have the mordacity to not even announce your name ‘hate-child’. My own flesh and blood doesn’t even tell her mother what her name is. As if I am suppose to know which one of my children raped her whore mother and the name is suppose to just come to me in some divine intervention.” Her voice turned from lecture into malice. “I do not work within divine intervention. Nor do I work within miracles, hope, faith or blessings. If you wish for such fantasy then continue to pray to your God that does not answer.” The hand slowly slipped down her neck, touching the cut, covering her fingers with the light trickles of blood and as so Lilith moved them to her mouth, sucking on them as if touching honey.

She didn’t know what to say in such a presence. Lilith was correct. She was a completely different “wheel” of her own. She commanded such authority that the completely pressure of it was mind numbing. The threat was there. It was solid. Her throat was dry from the utter fear in her heart. She was in that paralyzing state of fear that she promised that she would not go into. She couldn’t help herself. Her body was shaking and her heart was racing. Never has this woman felt any type of dread in her entire life. For over one-hundred years she has never felt anything even coming close to the fear she had in her soul. That is what it was. Fear that ran so deep in her veins that it crippled her soul. The only words that could escape her lips were “I am sorry for my rudeness mother.” The response seemed to have been a proper one. It was a response that was more befitting to her. “My name is Bleu. I wish only to ask you some questions that might help me in my search.”

Lilith’s lips gave a long and ensuring smile. The respect was commanded and it was given. She licked her lips as she stared down at Bleu with such a commanding authority. “Very good Bleu, my child. Now why don’t you tell your dear old mother what it is you are searching for. But I must warn you. As I told you before, Lucifer is dead. He hasn’t been seen from or heard from for over two hundred years. He died and is long gone. So I would hope you have another question to please your mother.”

That wasn’t the answer she wanted, but she couldn’t leave Lilith without knowing as much as she could. Something told her that Lucifer was very much alive and in so this knowing she would find him and truly get answers for questions she longed for. “If you still tell me that he is dead, I will still look for him Mother Lilith, but I believe he is very much alive. But if you will not allow me to know his location, I would at least like to know the site of where he died. I wish to know where he died so that I can find clues on where Lucifer is hiding.”

Lilith could only chuckle at the words Bleu had delivered. Bleu did not chuckle though. She only knew that this day was the first day of where her life would change forever.

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